Lockton Insurance office renovation

Area: 340 m² | Duration: 7 Weeks

The Brief

To provide a new dynamic reception area and additional meeting rooms, office space, kitchen, and a common dining area. The new reception area was required to illustrate to Lockton clients the extent of experience and global reach. Lockton’s knowledge of both business and world events was also required to be communicated in the design, as Lockton pride themselves in bringing a depth of understanding to the varied services they provide.


A dynamic nonlinear geometry to the new curved reception with an elliptical ceiling combined with curved glazing to create the dynamic space required. This gave an open fluid feel throughout the office while respecting the privacy needed in certain areas.


To work within Lockton ‘s live and busy office, to provide a tight programme for the project to ensure it was completed with the least amount of disruption to the client and their clients and to bring the project in on budget as in accordance with the fixed price contract.