Raglan Clothing and Coffeeshop Fit-out and Design

Area: 120 m² | Duration: 3 Weeks

The Brief

To turn an office space into a concept store, selling clothes and coffee. CRM were asked to come up with a simple cost effective design and method of using the existing office space to create a large open space for displaying clothes and for a coffee bar that gives the feel of a relaxed space to come and visit and have a coffee or shop.


We had known about this project for a number of months and from our early discussions with the client we all realized that the key to the overall look of the project was to find items that would reflect the design and tie together the concept for the shop. Working with the client and salvaging various items and fittings from other projects. The concept was to keep things very simple and to use a few feature elements, many of which were salvaged, that would set the overall feel of the shop so that the client could put their own signature and style on the shop using upcycled items of furniture.


We were required to have the shop open and trading within 3 weeks of receipt of the keys. This required working long hours and making sure all the materials and contractors were all extremely well-coordinated and programmed ensuring we delivered the shop to the client on time and on budget.